Hello, Beautiful !
I’m Cristina. I’m a photographer.
I want to show you how beautiful you are. To help you reconnect with the woman you see in your portraits, be awed by her again and again, and again.
My clients are not all models, they are women of all ages, all types, all sizes, CEO’s, stay at home moms, not photogenic, shy, but with the desire to celebrate themselves.  And in the end they all look happy and gorgeous!
I’m also a mom of a pretty little girl.
I love to travel, paint, play, eat and stay late.
I read as much as I can and I watch a lot of tv series.
I want to make art and I want to make the best portrait that you have ever seen of yourself.

What clients say about me:


Madalina :  ” We made them so happy… I don’t have words to thank you…We made them happy…Cristina, you gave us happiness.”

Laura :  “What I loved most about the session was Cristina’s energy and her ability to channel it into making me feel beautiful and confident. From handling the setting to teaching me how to strike a pose she was a creative and cheerful professional all the way.”

Sue :
  “You are a genius…how could you make me look that good, and in every photo you are so talented!!!
Thank you so much, the next time I’m feeling low I’ll look at the photos to boost my confidence.”

Danai :  ” Thank you so much Cristina, they are all amazing, you made me feel so beautiful and I gained a friend through this! Thank you, thank you!”

Asami Ikeda : “Amazing photographer! Lots of talent, warm, kind, and lovely energy. She is an artist you can tell from her photos. She makes you to feel, and get the best out of it! Defo recommended!'”

Barbara Franken : “Laughing is good and you helped bring that out so be very proud… life can get very serious…”

Julie Jane : ” The photos are amazing ”

Mary Marsh : ” You do beautiful work; it’s gorgeous but it’s still natural looking and not “over the top”! Thank you again, for being so professional and prompt.
Lastly, I think our sessions were fun! They were detailed and well planned out. I think the prices are fair, too. I’ve enjoyed it a lot!
Hope to see you again, some day.”

Laura Oldfield : “I love the pictures! Thank you so much! Simply amazing!'”


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