Personal Branding Portraits in 2021 – trends

Finally no more lockdowns in Bucharest, back to business, back to creating portraits on location and in the studio.
It’s time to update your headshots, or finally get around to putting up some personal branding portraits on your website and social media. But having your headshots taken can be incredibly stressful, I’m here to help! I think in all these years only one or two persons told me that they love to have their portraits taken.
This should be fun and easy so let’s get a look at a few trends for your personal branding portraits:

  1. Casual feel

Bring the smart casual look into your portraits in 2021, it looks elegant and effortless. Consider your industry and what you usual wear when meeting with a client but ‘ditching the tie’ for a shot or two is in trend now.

2. Dark and moody

That is my speciality and I’m sooooo glad that is a trend now.

I’ve seen a lot of people moving away from the ‘light and airy’ type of photos with a huge increase in really dark backgrounds. Rich colors are back, dark tones and Black&White are a thing in 2021 portraiture scenary.

3. LIFEstyle portraits

Not all personal branding images or professional headshots have to be in a studio. Your office is for sure a great place to shoot your portraits it will help you tell your story. The studio is certainly a great place to capture professional images, but when you want personal branding portraits sometimes is better to use your space, an office, your house, the place where you work, where you create that special service, product for your clients.
If you don’t have an office, outdoors is also a good ideea.

4. Natural look

I work with a make-up and hair stylist and we always go for a natural look when it comes to professional headshots. We will make you very pretty but remain recognisable, you on your best days.

Your outfits should be the ones you wear when you meet a client and for a nice touch bring the ones that match your brand colors.

4. NO more stock photos

This is not a 2021 trend, I know, is a thing that I say it for years now but is still so important.
You can’t use stock photos on your website anymore, people need to know who are they talking too, who is that person behind the phone.

Your team needs some good photos, professional images, staff headshots that they can use on Linkedin profiles and email signatures too.

These portraits are usually taken at the office, with the same lightning scheme for a consistent, nice look, that will match your brand and website colors.

5. Brand photos

Social media is so important and you need more than a linkedin headshot, you need more images, behind the scene, in the making, final results, happy clients.

Funnel images. If you really need this kind of photos than you’ll probably need a minimum of three funnel images, pointing the way toward your killer content. This might be a photograph of you, eyes pointed directly at that freebie as the solution to your potential client’s problems. Or it might be you pointing in the direction of your newsletter signup on your website. If you market on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn groups and include graphics for better engagement, it includes these images as well.

Funnel images are not a necessity, brand photography is the real goal. These images show the results after a client works with you.
How do you show your results in photos? Start with an end in mind. Who your best client is, and what results that client will have after working with you.

Some people choose to incorporate props or set a scene. Others like to just have varied images of themselves indoors ( studio, office, coffe shop….) and outdoors. 

Selecting the right photographer takes some careful consideration. Ask around for recommendations and research photographers through their portfolios.

Feeling comfortable is key and having a person you can trust will make the difference between an OK session and a great session.

If you think I am your photographer take a look at my portofolio, my price list and testimonials for reassurance, than give me a call to book your amazing 2021 portrait shoot.

Cristina Paraschiv,

Experienced headshot and portrait photographer based in Bucharest, Romania.