My clients favourite shooting session is Couture Portraiture. A luxury portrait session tailored, designed and created specially for you, as you imagined, whatever fantasy you envisioned, by three artists, a photographer, a make-up artist and a hair stylist.  We’ll have music, laughter and champagne!
You need to rebrand yourself on social media? This is what you need, the Individual executive shoot.
Or maybe you are glowing and extremely beautiful ‘couse you are pregnant ( congratulations!!!), let’s celebrate you and this precious time in your life with a Maternity photo session. 
* Or if you want to start your holiday morning with a real Andalucian experience, book the Exclusive Flamenco Shoot , a quick flamenco class, a makeover that will get you in the mood, and then we’ll do a short and fun photo shooting, one to remember!

You have already something in mind? Let me know!

Here you have some question that may help you make an idea of your dream shot.

Who would you like to be photographed with? 
Nobody, I want to have this experience just for me.
My Mom. I would treasure portraits of her, and would love to treat her to a luxury session.
My Daughter(s). She needs to see how beautiful she is, the way that I do.
My Friend(s). It’s time we had a fabulous girl’s day out.
My Sweetheart. I’d like to arrive at the end to get some portraits together and a few of just him on his own as well.
My family. The girls can come together to get styled and the boys can arrive at the end to create a beautiful family portrait.

How would you like to be photographed?
Glamorous. Bring on the floor-length gown and the diamonds. 

Classic. More on the dressy side, but not black-tie formal. 
Professional. I’d like to be able to use my images for work. 
Casual. I want to look like “me.” Friendly and Approachable 
Sexy. I’m thinking about wearing a daring dress or maybe even lingerie. 

Where would you like to be photographed?
In the studio, in Bucharest. I want the full experience.
In a location very dear to me, in Bucharest.
A dream destination and I’m willing to cover the travel and the lodging cost for the whole team.

Why do you want to be photographed?

What will your images be used for?

How did you hear about me?

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    • Available only when I’m on Costa del sol otherwise we could do just the makeover ( I have flamenco dresses and accesories ) and the shooting.

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