For this Baby Plan I teamed up with my dearest friend, very talented and meticulous newborn photographer, in love with kids, Oana from the Little Green Baby Portraits and we came up with a special plan for you.

So, one miracle at a time, we’ll start with you, the gorgeous mom to be, in your 32-35 weeks of pregnancy and take some beautiful contemporary portraits, that you’ll love and treasure. After birth, in the next two weeks Oana we’ll take the most precious portraits of your little miracle, and then we’ll meet again whenever it feels like it’s a moment that you want to keep forever, at 1month, 6 months, holidays, one year, baptise, two years, three…. and your treasure chest might be as full of cherished memories as you wish for.

What you get :
30% discount on all prints
100 euro voucher that you may use when your baby is one for a photo session.

What you have to do:
Invest for the first two session when you book the first one.

“sometimes you’ll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

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